Make your company, product or service stand out
with a strong content plan, and better marketing results.

Assets. Content. Audience. Message. Planning.

What Can I Do
For You?


have more than 22 years of experience in making your content work for you.

Knowing your audience, knowing yourself and getting the correct message across. 

It's really easy to get lost with all the possibilities out there, on and offline.


So my job is to help you and your team get on the right track. Understand what you have and how to use it. Bringing focus and consistency into your marketing and content plan so you, your company, service or product would stand out.

I can help out in a rebranding process, a copywriting process, advertising or marketing and of course, anything content related.

The 5-step

Before you spend your money on marketing, we will do these:

1. Overview and planning of marketing and content assets, on and offline -  to get results.

2. Content inventory. Overview of what you have, and understanding what you need - to get results.

3. Audiences and messages. Who are you talking to and what do you want to say -  to get results.

4. Content & marketing strategy. Who, Where, What, When and how to hit -  to get results.

5. Hands-on planning, implementing and getting your team ready - to get results.


After working with me, you will be focused on your audience, your message, your assets, and how to combine them all to get results.
You will be able to easily run an internal marketing team or an outside agency and keep a close eye on them and results.

Give me a call.


Clients Say

"Nimrod was a great resource in our re-branding and re-launch of our company and services. He worked closely with our team in planning our brand marketing and digital strategy. His experience in marketing, social media, audience and content is massive, and he has great, unique and creative problem-solving skills. I hope to work with him again."


Eyal Nachum, Investor & Entrepreneur

Board Member, Bruc+Bond, Banking Industry



I answer questions such as:
How do I get my message out there? | How can I use social media for results? | I wasted a lot of money on marketing and nothing works, can you help? | I have so much content, where do I begin? | I don't think I have any content, what can I do? | What digital assets should I have? | I don't stand out in the market, can you help? | I think my USP is unclear and unfocused, can you help? | and much more.


More than 22 years of working with people, marketing and content have enabled me to gain a unique out-of-the-box view of how marketing and content work best.​ 

Before you spend money on your marketing, we will overview, plan and implement client touchpoints that will be ready for potential clients. 

We will go over your content, prepare, focus and refine it into a clear and crisp message. And keep it consistent across all platforms.

I've gained my experience from several work environments such as;

The Jerusalem Post, heading the English improvement department.

Brulle Publishing, heading the content and content marketing teams. Including ppc campaigns, analytics, a/b testing and more.

t&i goods importing, heading the content and digital marketing activities for Casio Gshock, Leatherman, Zippo, and other brands.

The Jerusalem Post+Maariv group, spearheading the creation of the digital library of International and local print magazines. Including payment, subscriptions and more.

Unicell, building and heading the content department.

Bruc+Bond, formerly Moneta International, working to create a seamless content and media rebranding move.

Maariv and Osem content collaboration, heading and implementing a year-long content plan for several Osem brands.

Heading and planning other content marketing publications, on and offline.

Working with many SMB's on content planning, marketing and messaging. 

Pro-Bono work with Make-a-wish Israel, planning and executing their digital presence which was nonexistent.

Pro-Bono work with, the Israeli organization for stuttering, creating the 5-step plan to improve digital presence and marketing actions.

All have one thing in common; I have implemented the same 5-step plan in order to get results.



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מי אני?

יש לי מעל 20 שנות ניסיון ביצירה, כתיבה ושיווק תוכן. אני עוסק בהבנת קהלים, קיצור ותמצית המסר שלכם וכמובן עושה סדר. עבדתי ב ועם חברות גדולות ועסקים פרטיים קטנים.

עבדתי בתפקידי מפתח במעריב, ג'רוזלם פוסט, חברות סלולר ובחברות תוכן. עשיתי פעילויות שיווק ותוכן עבור מותגים, מוצרים ושרותים, בעברית ובאנגלית, לקהלים מסוגים שונים. ואני אוהב את זה.

בדרך כלל יש לבעלי עסק המון המון בלגן בתחום הזה בראש. שומעים טיפים ורעיונות ורואים מה אחרים עושים וזה רק מוסיף דאגות. אז אני מגיע ועושה לכם סדר בכל התחום. הופך אותו פשוט ומאפשר לכם להיות בטוחים עם ראש שקט.


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